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TAP Ltd. has been in operation since 1958 at Moshav Olesh, Israel. Today we specialize in large scale hydroponic systems for culinary fresh herbs, micro-greens and vegetables based on our own advanced growing methods. We provide full consultation from infrastructure planning to growing and harvesting, as well as implementation of full turn-key projects.

Our growing methods produce high yields, with high efficiency and proven profitability. We use water-saving, environmental systems and advanced post-harvest techniques.

Our customers cite superior food safety standards, efficient production and post-harvest technologies, as well as our vast experience and knowledge as the main reasons for doing business with us. 

In the beginning
The original Teshuva nurseries (Olesh, Israel) specialized in propagation of rose plants and growing of gypsophila and carnations as cut flowers for export. The nursery still leads the rose plant market in Israel with 90% of the market.

During the early 1990s, we began exporting rose plants for projects in India, Ecuador, Jordan, Ethiopia, Hungary, Thailand, Cyprus and Turkey. In 2001, we exhibited a new and exceptional method of growing fresh herbs in coco peat using our own unique techniques.

In 2004, we developed a unique hydroponic growing method based on NFT (Nutrient Film Technique). After our own success – and requests from other growers – we began promoting agricultural projects globally through our marketing arm Teshuva Agricultural Projects Ltd. (TAP).

2BFresh Micro-greens
In keeping with our ongoing commitment to innovation, we developed a new product line for micro-greens. Our subsidiary 2BFresh exports our micro-greens throughout Europe, Far east and south-east Asia.

Uzi Teshuva

Uzi, a second-generation grower, manages the Israel facility. He is in charge of all products and growing methods in development, as well as agronomic planning and supervision of our international activities.

Avner Shohet (MBA)
Owner & CEO

With 30 years of experience in sales and international marketing, Avner oversees all business development, financing and marketing activities around the world.

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