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Nutrition Film


Nutrition film technique (NFT) is a method of hydroponic growing in which the plant roots are placed in a shallow stream of re-calculating solution that contains all the elements required for maximum productivity.


Unlike traditional growing methods, there is no solid rooting medium with NFT. A root mat develops partly in the shallow stream of the re-calculating solution and partly above it. Since the stream is very shallow, the upper surface of the root mat develops above the re-calculating solution. The film nutrient solution is created around the roots which are in the moist air.

Advantages of using NFT include:
-    Exceptionally high production yields
-    Significantly lower operating costs
-    Extremely efficient production facilities
-    Major savings in water and fertilizers
-    Longer lifecycles for equipment
-    Well suited to urban agriculture (rooftop greenhouses)

At TAP, we have developed our own proprietary methods, equipment and materials for NFT systems that have proved extremely successful. We offer growers and distributors specific equipment pieces to full NFT systems, as well as professional consulting and training.

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